24 August 2015

19 August 2015


we walked as far west as we could
found our spot
sat down and waited for the world to shake

money had chased us out here
clogged the reservoirs
smothered the air
littered the highways
nipping and clawing at our heals

but the land would have the last say
and we knew this
so we chose a patch of turf
that we pretended was anchored to a stable crust

momentarily, we watched the wild surf to the north

to the south
the water was calm and glassy
we were sheltered from the icey east winds
that blew us here
we only had to descend a little way to find sanctuary

i'd rather starve here
of feeding myself in the wild

i’ll die learning.

04 August 2015

13 July 2015

02 July 2015

Foulweather Zine (Issue #4)

In the past I have spent a lot of time and effort putting out print copies of Foulweather. I took the time to think through themes and layout and then sent them off to be professionally printed by people who knew what they were doing with proper printing presses. Well, that's over. Right now, and this may change as my enthusiasm wanes, I am planning on putting out more frequent quick-hitters, by way of photocopy wrestling. It is back to basics but I enjoy the aesthetic of cut/paste/copy/destroy and maybe you will to? 

Anyway, coming soon. Foulweather #4. Free to all. You just have to find one or ask me. I'll be happy to trade/ swop or post copies to anyone, anywhere if you cover postage.

01 July 2015

Transylvanian Tapes

Record shops, specifically CD shops seem like lonely places these days. I feel weird buying CDs and should really purchase a new record player, as I like having hard copies of certain albums. In saying that my car has a tape deck and I recently dug out an old box of cassettes. Whats more, some great fucking bands are also currently celebrating the classic cassette. It seems cassette tapes are an affordable DIY way for small labels and bands to get their music out there beyond digital format. 

Like my choice in format, my music taste has also taken a few steps back over the last few years, in the most sordid and wonderful way. I won't bore you with the details of my reverse trajectory into all manner of doom, black and sludge metal by way of darker and crustier punk but let's just say, I'm pretty stoked on a label out of Oakland California  called 

Transylvanian Tapes

After all, this shits good for you right?

Have a dig around. There is some great music that is free but find a tape player and order a tape, support some bands. Someone else can lecture you on the audio quality of tape Vs CD vs vinyl vs digital formats. As  child of the 80s I'm simply enjoying the shit out of cassette tapes once more.

Two of my current favourites:

30 June 2015